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XXI century complex security

Protecting your Business against Outer and Inner Threats Efficiently

A complex of corporate security services:
Personnel support service to deal with problem situations
Automatic personnel notification system
Security for offices, warehouses and production facilities in all business locations, including abroad
Security for corporate events and top officials
Security consulting
Risk modelling and assessment
Corporate investigations and business analytics
Loss prevention
All key personnel support services use high-tech solutions to provide a reliable and easy-to-use communication channel with the situation center 24/7/365
Due to the synergy of modern innovative technologies and security expertise, HOTLINE CITY monitors and prevents risks efficiently
Ability to work under constant challenges and risks: the company has tripled in size, for 2020-2023
HOTLINE CITY selects customized, tailor-made solutions for its corporate Clients, considering their Geography and Scope of activities
Our Rapid Response Teams help in emergency cases
We have deep expertise in ensuring security for Russian and international businesses
1,470 RRTs
16 years of experience
We work all over Russia and abroad: EU, LATAM, CIS, Asia, Africa, Arab countries
50 countries
We provide assistance through multiple support programs in Russia and abroad
70K subscribers
Successfully resolved for our clients. We resolve dozens of our Clients’ issues, from really simple to global ones
11 500 cases
As part of Elite Security major Security Holding in Russia, HOTLINE CITY participates in its international projects
A wide range of solutions to ensure security for businesses and their personnel all over Russia and in more than 50 countries
Full range of support for employees and business processes
Business Security
Hotline Programme for Personnel
Risk monitoring
Business Support Abroad
Emergency Personnel Support
We will help you find the optimal solution
Businesses rely on security regulations, a set of instructions and rules, as an important element to get protected. HOTLINE CITY specialist teams work out all the necessary processes to offer businesses best solutions to prevent them against any threat types, based on their scope of activities.

Business Security

Developing and implementing security regulation

  • Comprehensive threat assessment in a region
  • Crime rate monitoring
  • Natural disasters and epidemics monitoring
Hotline City provides clients with reports on important events in its availability regions worldwide. It generates and provides any information based on a Client’s request:
Collecting information and analysing data
  • Social and political tension monitoring
  • Security recommendations for employees working or visiting this region
Many years of experience and in-depth expertise in law enforcement practice to reveal illegal attacks, within and outside of a business, will allow us to find out what causes vulnerability, identify the attackers, and bring them to justice.
Corporate investigations
  • Dismissing employees and dealing with labour disputes
  • Dealing with unfriendly negotiations
  • Encountered with contractors’ failure to fulfil obligations
Highly qualified specialist mediators allow you to resolve a wide range of disagreements and reduce any risks for your business when:
Mediation and conflict resolution
HOTLINE CITY specialists offer you an effective method to model risks and test attacks. This allows you to create a profile of your business vulnerabilities and test its security system stability.
Risk modelling
  • Consulting how to deal with third parties' suspicious actions regarding Subscriber’s property/ persona (suspicious actions near their car/ apartment, signs of persecution, etc.)

Hotline Programme for Personnel

A unique service to boost staff loyalty and efficiency at work. Hotline City resolves issues Clients encounter when focused on their business tasks.

The program operates all over Russia and abroad: Clients' personnel get protected when at home, in the office, and on business trips.
  • Consulting for initial actions and protocol
  • Consulting how to deal with police officers and accident analysis groups to minimize risks by choosing a more beneficial behaviour strategy
  • Consulting for the rules of contacting/ how to deal with an insurance company in multiple cases
Assistance in resolving conflict situations, as well as in case of threats to personal safety:
  • Assistance to find a tow truck/ technical assistance vehicle, based on the accident location and Client’s solvency
  • Recommendations for the ways to counteract scammers
  • Consulting Clients, to work out recommendations, how to deal with suspicious actions towards them (calls from the police, SMS and emails, realistic threats, or blackmail attempts, e.g. notifying of an alleged accident, or other "misdemeanour")
  • Consulting related to housing rental issues, for Clients to avoid becoming a scam victim
  • Consulting for illegally issued loans
  • Assistance to recognize fraud (e.g. car fraud)
  • Calling RRT due to Clients’ threatened security by: action (an attempt to damage/ enter their property/ residential premises), word (verbal threats at a public place: restaurant, nightclub, bar, café, outside, roadway – aggressive drivers in a road accident, driver/scooter/pedestrian conflict)
  • Calling the police/ ambulance for attack victims
  • Consulting for attack victims’ actions
  • Consulting for ways to avoid provoked conflict, e.g.:
• By neighbours/ business employees
• When Clients see someone committing illegal/antisocial
Experienced specialists’ assistance in road accidents:
Helping get protected against fraudulent activities:
Legal support
A team of lawyers provides complete consulting information based on judicial practice and personal experience with key legal issues
  • concluding marriage contracts
  • divorce proceedings
  • property rights in the family
Family law
  • children's rights
  • consultations on consumer rights
  • consultations how to deal with providers/ sellers of low-quality products/services
  • recommendations how to submit complaints and claims
Consumer rights protection
  • consultations on facility services’ rights and obligations
  • consultations how to deal with low-quality facilities management service providers
  • recommendations how to deal with developers in cases of construction delays/ housing defects
Housing law
  • consultations on the rules and regulations of real estate acquisition/separation/sale
  • consultations on inheritance rules and regulations
  • providing recommendations on the procedure to exercise the right of inheritance
  • recommendations on legal actions in cases of violated inheritance rights
Inheritance issues
Adaptive solutions to ensure the safety of property and prompt response to any threats to its security and the ability to monitor property conditions periodically.

Risk monitoring

Property monitoring and response to threats of theft
  • Soft-collection
  • Assisting in negotiations
  • Physical security during property seizure
Our specialists help you resolve any issues efficiently, to deal with contractors violating their obligations, as well as
Support in high-risk procedures for seizure of property and counterfeit goods
  • Organizing security of temporary storage sites
Modern and high-tech solutions for monitoring vehicles, including their activity, fuel consumption, engine blocking, etc.
Ensuring secure logistics: flight escort or the Green Corridor with well-developed response zones and safe parking locations.
Organizing cargo transportation security
Our team has long experience in organizing security for minor or major highly confidential international events. We provide highly qualified support based on event requirements:
Business Support Abroad

Organizing event security

Together with local experts in partner countries, our international security specialists provide detailed and reliable information regarding work in even most high-risk regions.
International security consulting
We provide security for any facility really fast, considering regional features and regulations.
Physical security of property and offices
We offer you a full range of activities to select and verify locations for business meetings and entertainment events, collect information on counterparties'/ contractors' reliability, as well as consult or support negotiations.
Organizing negotiations and meetings
Building a business in new regions faces risks that need prompt solutions
The security of employees and property get primary importance
Personnel sometimes encounter both fraud attempts and risks to their life and health, in business or personal occasions.
Many countries stand out due to high crime rates

When entering a new region, businesses need to analyze details, which takes a lot of time and leads to several losses. Any mistake, which is quite likely when choosing a partner in a new country, turns out costly.

Challenges to organize security fast enough

This poses risks for both the business and its employees. When not aware of a country’s laws, the personnel still bears responsibility. Resolving this type of issues takes a lot of effort, though.
Legislation features in countries differ

A company’s Security, which has issues responding to emergencies in remote regions falling into different time zones, fails to be 100% efficient 24/7.

Challenges when responding to issues independently

Businesses sometimes fail to find reliable security and protection “on the ground” fast and efficiently, losing time and money.
Security regulations in countries differ as well
Hotline City provides businesses with resources around the world to resolve any, even very complex, security issues fast enough
  • Transport with or without drivers
  • Personal VIP escort
  • Translation services
  • Technical inspection of premises to check any information security threats
  • Tools to suppress espionage activities
Our close cooperation with local specialists allows us to get important information from the primary source. This includes important data on regional features, local threats, pitfalls, mentality, and many processes often hidden from external analysts.
By now, traditional patterns of foreign trade have changed. Many companies need to look for new partner markets, rebuilding their business processes for these.

For emergencies, we offer Automatic notification of personnel. This tool allows us to inform Clients of an event altogether. In addition, it collects and provides feedback to promptly inform those responsible and assist any victims.

Emergency Personnel Support


  • Ground transportation (SUVs, minivans, buses)
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Private aircraft

For emergencies that require evacuation of personnel from risk areas, both in Russia and abroad, we offer a wide range of solutions based on a case, route, and evacuee number

Personnel evacuation

  • Armed escort
User App + Monitoring interface + RRT App
Safe Button, own software package
• One button alarm
• Russian/English-speaking support managers
• Accurate coordinates

• Automatic alarm notification to the nearest Rapid Response Team

• Chat with an Operator
• Ability to set a timer-delayed alarm
Automatic personnel notification, collecting feedback
ASGO emergency warning system
  • Automatic notification
of many subscribers about an expected event Client considers significant (e.g., emergency)
  • Automatic feedback collection
from subscribers depending on the message
  • Quick Report
after completing the alert, sent to Clients’ Security based on the results
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Allows authorization for any prompt assistance, with any client contact channel (no time is wasted to sign in)
Ongoing staff trainings

Ongoing multi-level and advanced trainings for Hotline City staff to learn regularly and practice the skills they need in their work

The basis of all solutions
Modern Technologies and Professional Experience
A single contract allows us to support a wide range of business processes with no need to agree on new suppliers and sign contracts.

Thanks to the wide coverage in Russia and abroad, our Clients get support for all of their locations.

Clients have access to the widest possible coverage of groups or the entire company’s personnel with the necessary range of services in all locations using one supplier with a stable and guaranteed level of quality.
We have over 13 years of experience providing emergency support services and security of business processes. We constantly resolve our Clients' issues, immersed in their details and Company’s functions to develop the most optimal and effective solutions.
We aggregate and cooperate with reliable partners leading on the market, to provide our Clients with fast and effective solutions to their issues (legal and advocacy, medicine, roadside assistance, transport, including air carriers).
Our Approach
Single Point of Contact
Our Approach
Reliable specialists
We have representative offices in even the most remote locations in Russia and abroad. This allows us to offer solutions taking into account deep understanding of local specifics and features of local regulation.
• Belgium
• UK
• Germany
• Ireland
• Spain
• Italy
• Luxembourg
• The Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Serbia
• Finland
• France
• The Czech Republic
• Sweden
• Azerbaijan
• Armenia
• Belarus
• Georgia
• Kazakhstan
Latin America
• Bolivia
• Brazil
• Guatemala
• Honduras
• Colombia
• Nicaragua
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Ecuador
• Vietnam
• India
• China
• Mongolia
• Pakistan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• The Philippines
• Algeria
• Angola
• Djibouti
• Zimbabwe
• Kenya
• Côte d'Ivoire
• Madagascar
• Morocco
• Mozambique
• Namibia
• Nigeria
• Senegal
• Togo
• Uganda
• Ethiopia
• South Africa

We operate all over Russia and abroad

We can expand Geography of our operations on a customer’s request
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We will offer optimal solutions in Russia and abroad according to your Company’s objectives
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