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Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy applies to users of HOTLINE CITY services provided through the Safe-button mobile application, partner companies and all persons who transfer their data, for one reason or another, except special cases specified separately. This includes persons who use the services of HOTLINE-CITY or its partner organizations for the following purposes:
  • Request for or receipt of information services (by User)
  • Providing the opportunity for response teams to travel through partner companies
  • Any user of HOTLINE CITY services, including websites, applications, software interfaces and all communication channels with HOTLINE CITY through which information is transmitted, in one way or another.
Personal Data Operator
HOTLINE-CITY company is the operator of the data provided during registration on websites, in a personal account, application, various requests to the company through any communication channels; data generated when using services – information about location, software use, device information and other data obtained when providing services and interacting with partners.
HOTLINE CITY processes the following information categories:
1.    Information provided:
o   When signing up in the user’s personal account, including, but not limited to the following: last name, first name, patronymic, city of service activation, email address, phone number, registration name, and password
o   When providing information about a car (for partner companies)
o   Upon consent to document verification (for partner companies)
o   When requesting services through HOTLINE CITY websites, applications, or telephone numbers
o   For any types of requests to HOTLINE CITY and partner organizations;
o   When activating software functions that require access permissions to your equipment data.

2.    Information generated
o   Location information
Depending on the HOTLINE CITY services, application settings or device and equipment permissions used, HOTLINE CITY may collect exact or approximate information about your location, determined by using GPS, triangulation and Wi- Fi.
o   When the software for partner organizations runs in active mode, HOTLINE-CITY collects location information.
o   Information about payment for services
HOTLINE-CITY processes information about the fact of payment for services, including the type and quantity of services, the date and time of the payment procedure. Use of a promotional code may be associated with the user who provided it. HOTLINE CITY does not have access to or store payment information (such as credit card numbers). Payment data is stored and processed by the YandexKassa payment system.
o   Information about use
HOTLINE CITY collects information about interaction with services, selected settings and facts of contacting the company through all communication channels. In some cases, it is possible to use cookies and technologies that ensure the functioning of individual identifiers.
o   Device information
HOTLINE CITY may collect data about the devices used (models, versions of operating systems, software, selected language, information about the movement of devices and mobile network information.
o   Calls and messages from HOTLINE CITY
HOTLINE CITY provides the ability for the user to call and send messages to company employees through a mobile application as well as in the traditional way. To ensure the provision of these services, HOTLINE CITY collects information about calls and messages (date, time of call or message, content of this request. HOTLINE-CITY may use this information for the effective functioning of support services, analytics, and security purposes.

3.    Information from other sources
Such sources may include:
o   Reviews left or sent by users
o   Partners of HOTLINE-CITY, through whom a HOTLINE-CITY client account is created
o   Owner of a profile intended for family, group or corporate use
o   Public sources
o   Marketing service providers.
HOTLINE-CITY has the right to analyze and summarize information obtained from these sources with other data available to the company.
HOTLINE-CITY uses the information provided and received for the following purposes:
1.    Provision of services
HOTLINE-CITY uses data to provide services, personalize User, information support and improve the quality of services. This includes using information for the following purposes:
o   Last name, first name and patronymic are used to identify Clients and personalize requests
o   Indication of gender is used to be able to correctly address Clients
o   City is used to identify Client’s main location, as well as to plan the company’s capacity to organize and provide services
o   Specifying a promotional code is used to identify and affiliate individuals and legal entities in HOTLINE CITY’s work processes
o   Telephone number is used to send the activation code for the mobile application, the ability to communicate with the client when applying for the company’s services, as well as for interaction within the client’s requests for any questions and cases to HOTLINE-CITY or partner organizations
o   Email address is used to confirm the creation of a personal account on the HOTLINE CITY websites, as well as to send activation codes for a personal account and mobile software. The email address may be used to notify customers of changes to the company's terms and policies, lists and rules of company’s and partner’s services. In addition, at the client’s request, information materials, written information certificates, sample application forms and other information may be sent to the email address
o   Other information provided or received while performing work upon client requests, as well as while performing and implementing the company’s and partners’ services.
2.    Support services and partner organizations
HOTLINE-CITY uses the information received (including recordings of calls to the company’s services) to provide services, support and assistance, as well as transfers, if necessary, to the partner organization any data necessary to perform tasks as part of the client’s request, including:
o   transferring questions and the gist of the request to the appropriate specialist
o   transfer of location data, if necessary
o   transfer of data related to the tasks of providing company services
o   investigating and resolving problems that have arisen
o   analysis, monitoring and work to improve the quality of the company’s and partner organizations’ service
3.    Improvement and development
HOTLINE-CITY reserves the right to use the information received to analyze the quality of its work, testing, and research of all processes related to the activities and provision of services to clients.
4.    Information messages from HOTLINE CITY
HOTLINE CITY may use any information data received to send messages about the company’s and partners’ services, promotions, surveys and news, any changes and upcoming events. HOTLINE-CITY may use information data for development, promotion, informing about promotions and competitions, as well as providing the most appropriate information regarding partners’ services and offers.
5.    Legal Proceedings
HOTLINE CITY may use the information received to resolve claims and investigate disputes related to the use of HOTLINE CITY services, as well as for other purposes permitted by law.

Exchange and transfer of information
Information received by HOTLINE CITY, if necessary, may be transferred in the following cases:
1.    To partner companies and government services
o   If it is necessary to provide services rendered by partner organizations, the information provided by the client necessary to complete the tasks may be transferred to the partner company
o   If necessary, information is provided to law enforcement officials, as well as authorized government agencies and other third parties to the extent necessary to comply with the terms of HOTLINE CITY’s service, user agreements and other policies, to protect the rights of HOTLINE CITY and partner organizations or other persons, as well as in case of mutual claims or disputes.
2.    Based on a client's request
o   In the event of a client’s request related to the need to perform any processes requiring the transfer of received data, HOTLINE-CITY reserves the right to perform this action.
3.    When a client requests services through advertising or partnership offers from third parties, HOTLINE-CITY may exchange information about the client with these persons.
4.    Public and social networks
Communication through HOTLINE CITY’s blogs, social networks and other public platforms is open to the general public.
5.    Associated users of HOTLINE-CITY
When using HOTLINE-CITY’s services in a mode involving more than one user, or specifying an additional contact person, when contacting these persons, it is possible to provide this data: about the gist, time and place of the request, if such data is available.
6.    Information transferred with the client’s consent
HOTLINE CITY company has the right to transfer information to third parties in the event of a request or instruction from the client to perform work when applying for the company’s services.

Data storage

1.    HOTLINE-CITY stores information for as long as the client’s account or personal account is active, except in cases where data is deleted at the user’s request. Any requests for deleting personal data are accepted in writing at the company’s offices or by email at info@hotline.city. When applying for data deletion, information may be either deleted or anonymized.
2.    Storage of information after deactivation of an account or personal account occurs during pending dispute resolution processes or claims or in cases required by law. In addition, data storage is possible in aggregated or anonymized forms.
3.    HOTLINE CITY reserves the ability to retain certain information to protect legitimate business interests, including anti-fraud and user protection.

Update of company terms and policies

HOTLINE CITY reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The use of HOTLINE CITY’s services after changes to the terms and conditions means the client’s consent to the changes or additions.
1.    HOTLINE CITY reserves the right to notify customers about changes in conditions through mobile applications, or other means of communication, including messages to a mobile number or email. Within the framework established by current legislation, the client using the HOTLINE CITY services with changes made agrees to their terms.
Special conditions:
1.    Additional services provided by Contractor's Partners may be offered with the services provided under this agreement. Contractor's partners provide services for the services and goods of third parties. The Contractor, having the rights to transfer such services, transfers the rights to use the services to Clients.
2.    Clients receiving the services of Contractor's Partners receive them free of charge. Moreover, these services are provided free of charge and accepted for use by Client at his own request and discretion.
3.    Contractor does not bear any responsibility to Client for any actions/ inaction of its Partners. Contractor does not guarantee and is not responsible for the services provided by Partners.
4.    Clients receiving services from Contractor's Partner have the right to receive services from third parties in accordance with the terms of providing a specific service.
5.    Client unconditionally agrees to the terms of using the services and accepts the terms of registration in these services.
6.    Services are provided “as is” and in the form in which they are available at the time of provision, and no warranties, express or implied, are provided.
7.    Contractor does not guarantee that the services will be provided uninterruptedly or without errors, or that the software or any other materials received for using the services are error-free.
8.    Under no circumstances will Contractor be liable for direct or indirect damage caused to User as a result of the use or inability to use the services, or incurred due to depending on Partners’ services, or through the services, or incurred as a result of errors or interruptions in work.
9.    Detailed information on the services provided, the provision of any services related to them and other information are indicated on the Partners’ websites as direct representatives of the service.
2.    Validity.
1.    This Offer comes into force from the moment of placement and is valid until the Offer is withdrawn by Contractor.
2.    Contractor has the right to unilaterally make changes to the Policy by publishing a text containing such changes (updating this Policy). The parties agree that the changes come into force from the moment of their publication, unless a different period for the changes to come into force is additionally determined upon publication of the current text of this Policy.
3.    If the Policy is revoked by Contractor during its validity period, it is considered terminated from the moment of such revocation, unless otherwise agreed by Contractor when revoking the Policy.
4.    Client has the right to reject additions or changes made by Contractor, which means Client’s refusal of Contractor’s Services and termination of Policy. Client informs Contractor of the refusal of the Contractor's Services via software or in his personal account on Contractor's Website. In this case, the program is blocked and subject to removal, and Policy is considered terminated by agreement of the Parties.
5.    This agreement provides for a subscription fee. The subsequent subscription payment after the first one must be made at the beginning of the first month following the last one, in which the first subscription payment was taken into account. Contractor notifies Client about the terms of the subscription payment by sending messages.
6.    Failure to pay the subscription fee means Client’s refusal of Contractor’s Services and termination of this Offer.
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